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Members Present

Donny Corliss, James Suing, Janet Jacquier, Joce Johnson, Kevan Johnson, Kevin Chandler, Steven Ward and Zachary Kerns

Members Absent

Rory McManus

SSUA Representative

Tommy Edwards

Staff Present

Billy Powers, Lindsey Huston, Maggie Combs (via Skype)

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m.


Quick introductions around the room.

Volunteer Forms

Collected forms from members who hadn’t turned them in yet.

Review Decisions Made on 1/24

Quick overview of the official decisions that were made in our previous meeting.

Pitch Speed

  • After testing a timing rule (in seconds), it was decided that it was too difficult to put a specific number on it.
  • Decision was made to change the rule to “moderate speed” for the recreational divisions and not to put a pitching speed rule in effect for the competitive.
  • This inherently leaves the judgement call up to the umpire. Maybe some pitchers could go to an umpire clinic for just 30 minutes even to work with the umpires on what “moderate speed” means to everyone.
  • Several members asked if we could have a separate coaches meeting from the big softball one. It was decided that we will have one on opening night of league.
  • Possibility of having a scrimmage during the umpire opener to help work with the umps who will be officiating on Thursday nights.
  • Pitch Bounce rule was addressed, and we have decided to change it to the USSSA rule wording.


  • Decision was made to use the WAKA No Bunting rule, where if the catcher can get to it before it crosses the 1st/3rd diagonal, it is considered a BUNT and a FOUL BALL.
  • The kicker still only gets the one courtesy foul.
  • The umpire should remind the kicker “next ball struck must be fair.”
  • Culture: If a player can’t kick it very far where it could be considered a bunt, good sportsmanship would be not sending your catcher out after it!


There are a couple possible weekends where we could host a tourney. Everyone on the council agreed that if it was affordable (~$150) they would love to put their teams in. It was also discussed to possibly have mini-tournaments during the week if there should be a break in between seasons.


Just a reminder of what we are trying to build in the recreational league and how to treat other players and new teams.

Other Topics

  • Would be open to trying new things with the tournaments.
  • Not changing the Walk Rule for men.
  • Obstruction vs. Interference, need to fix rule 64.2 (Housekeeping).
  • Lindsey will stay in contact with the subcommittee regarding scrimmages, tournaments, and future meetings.


Meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.