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Members Present

Donny Corliss, James Suing, Janet Jacquier, Joce Johnson, Kevan Johnson, Kevin Chandler, and Zachary Kerns

Members Absent

Rory McManus, Steven Ward

SSUA Representative

Tommy Edwards

Staff Present

Billy Powers, Lindsey Huston, Maggie Combs (via Skype)

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m.


  • Went around the room and everyone introduced themselves and what team they are representing
  • Explained why there is a need for a separate kickball committee

Volunteer Forms

  • Passed out forms to everyone present and explained why we need them

League Options/Tournaments

There have been requests to lengthen the kickball seasons (possibly two 10-week seasons instead of three 6-week seasons) but we aren’t able to do that until we request those fee schedules and they are approved by City Council. That is a possibility for next year. In the meantime, we have plans to implement tournaments to fill the gaps in between seasons as well as a possible weekend tournament.

Topics to Discuss for Possible Rule Changes

  • 8-player vs 10-player: People who played in the 8 man league last year really enjoyed it. It is necessary to look at other specific rules depending on what level of play and how many players i.e.: pitching and bunting
  • Pitch Speed: Possibility of adapting other association’s rules (at least 2 seconds for ball to cross plate)
  • Game length: Idea to change the rule to a straight 60 minute game, with no new inning after 50 minutes. Essentially there would be unlimited innings with the exception of the mercy rule
  • Bunting: Options to bring bunting back? Or change the way the umpire decides what constitutes the bunt, instead of just observing the kicker’s leg. Ideas were: putting a physical line down, or if the catcher can get to the ball before it crosses the 1st/3rd base diagonal it is considered a bunt. Will discuss more in next meeting.
  • Rec vs Int: Discussion was had regarding the differences between the two levels. There needs to be an unwritten rule regarding the culture of the league and not beating up on the newer or inexperienced teams

Decisions Made this Meeting

  1. We will offer 3 different leagues: Recreational 8-player, Recreational 10-player, and Competitive 8-player. In all leagues games may be started and played with a minimum of 6 players (3 male & 3 female).
  2. The game length will be changed to 60 minutes, unlimited innings, with no new inning after 50 minutes. Mercy rule is still in effect.
  3. The strike zone will be widened, possibly utilizing the batter’s box template.

All other topics will be further discussed before a decision is made.

Next Meeting

February 9, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.