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League Season Wrap-Up Meeting

Call to Order


  • Council – (Billy Powers & Lindsey Huston) Melanie Humpert, Tom Gwynn, Tom Edwards, Dan Smith, Lucky Rogers, Kevin Chandler, Robert Scott
  • Players – James Suing, Heather Bechtel, Emily Neys, Zachary Kerns, Sandra Ambrose, Danielle Wetzel, Chris Hummert

2017 Leagues

  • Should be similar to last year.
  • Kickball on Mondays?
    • Softball has priority.
  • New leagues being discussed:
    • Mushball
    • 5v5v5

End of Season League Survey

  • Still open, players are encouraged to fill it out.

Rules of Communication

  • Each player will get 3 minutes to speak on their topic and then everyone can discuss and the council can answer questions.
  • If one specific topic goes way longer than that, or you feel as if you have more to say, you can send an email to Billy.

Open Speakers


  • James – Wants to be part of the sub-committee, liked the new rules this year (no bunting) which seemed to encourage the females. Also, the 8-man seemed more enjoyable. Is interested in communication on other options.
    • (Billy) The committee is necessary for rule clarifications and bringing decisions for the rulebook back to the council.
    • (Rob) Loves this idea, knows nothing about kickball.
    • (Billy) We have other options and locations for kickball around town should the league continue to grow. Our leagues are reasonably priced in comparison to other leagues in the state. Would like to see a true separation of competitive vs. recreational.
  • Zach – Also wants to be on committee. Wants the competitive leagues to be competitive. 9-man is better than 8 or even 10. There is an argument for the bunt to be allowed. Perhaps pitching rules should be different for different levels. Better balls are needed.
    • (Billy) We bought the balls you wanted. They were not good. All different sizes. Has a lot to do with the heat they sit in. We can definitely buy more balls and refresh them more often.
    • (Billy) We were going to look into a bunt line, and are looking into solutions to raise home-plate back up to level. Also, widening the strike zone to speed up games. The 8-man seems popular, or 9 with an extra girl.
    • (Kevin) Agrees that rec and competitive need to be separate. Would like to see longer seasons and end of the year tournament.
    • (Billy) Nate [Wanty] was running kickball tourneys. We can look into that as well. We will send an email out to the three of you – James, Zach, and Kevin – regarding when we will get started on the kickball sub-committee. Need to get more coaches/players involved.


  • Sandra – What is going to happen with the new USSSA bumps?
    • (Billy) We are aware of them. Our rules will need to be adjusted. Would like to wait until after the USSSA Conference to make sure they are really going to follow through at a national level. There is always the appeal process.
    • (Lindsey) The City’s appeal process is easy and they are easy to work with and completely reasonable.
    • (Billy) As long as you give actual reasons why you want to be dropped down, not just so you can play with your friends.
  • Danielle – Just frustrated with umpires being unclear on rules, having no consistency, looking to teams for answers/calls.
    • (Lindsey) You just have to come fill out the form so it can be communicated and fixed in the moment. Lucky is more than receptive to the feedback, but he can’t do anything about it 2 months afterwards.
    • (Billy) The way the City handles those yellow umpire comment cards or complaint forms is we receive them and make sure it wasn’t something that could be fixed on our end, like communication between the umpires and our staff. Then we pass it on to Lucky.
    • (Lucky) They need to be specific, though. Just writing up “ump was horrible” doesn’t help me.
    • (Billy) Yes, we have to weed out the people who just complain because their team lost, and the people who actually have legitimate concerns and feedback. You have to put your name so we can respond to you with any questions or follow-up.
  • Chris – I want to thank you guys for the great responses on the umpire forms I filled out this year. My concerns are that the courtesy runners are being abused. Also, can we use social media more for helping with the free agent list? It [FA list] doesn’t seem to be updated very often.
    • (Billy)The council will discuss courtesy runners, and I will check to see what more we can post on social media.
    • (Chris) As long as we are having a mandatory plate talk before EVERY game.
    • Everyone in agreement on a plate talk even if you are on the same field for both games.
    • (Heather) You can make your own post on Facebook looking for players. We just have to approve it!
    • (Chris) I didn’t know that.
    • (Billy) As far as updating the free agent list, we can’t possibly keep track of when people get taken from the list. That’s why we tell them or the coach who picked them up to let us know. Also, there are people looking to play on multiple nights, so just because they got picked up to play on one of them doesn’t mean they aren’t still looking for a different night.

Other Topics Discussed in a Roundtable Fashion

  • The City does not want to rain out. It costs us hundreds to thousands every time we have staff out there and don’t play.
  • Retrieving home run balls? Go get it before your team’s next at bat or the umpire starts counting outs.
  • Mandatory masks vs. pitching screens:
    • Not feasible from an insurance standpoint for the City to provide masks. We can’t ensure they are maintained and safe.
    • Perhaps it’s either wear a mask or use the screen.
    • Something to try at rec level first.
    • Possible punishment for players saying “Middle’s Open.”


  • (Billy) Thank you, everyone, for your input. We have plenty of things to discuss in our upcoming SPC meetings.