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League Season Wrap-Up Meeting

Call to Order


  • Council – (Billy Powers & Heather Bechtel) Tom Gwynn, Shaun Smith, Jerry Hollingsworth, Boone Marker, Tommy Edwards, Kevin Chandler, Guy Kampstra, Dan Smith, Rob Scott
  • Players – Fidel Caronado, Danny Elliott, Zak Spiegle, Chuck Baker, Mike Powers, Tiger Easterly, Paula VanBeurden, Brain Evans, Blake (BJ) Lee

2016 Leagues

  • (Billy) this meeting is to bring up topics for the council to discuss through the winter
  • (Billy) anyone is welcome to come to council meetings
    • (Billy) we want every league represented
  • (Billy) Listed proposed leagues for 2016 Spring/Summer/Fall seasons

Rules of Communication

  • (Billy) if 2 of you signed up and have similar topics you can both speak
    • 3 minutes to speak then open for questions

Open Speakers

Mike P

League updates – covered

  • If open league happens is it optional or are the top league teams forced to play?
    • (Billy) not decided yet, the idea is that it is a choice to play.
    • Regular league rules apply to Advanced (4 D players) and below
    • Council is still going over rankings
  • 2 years ago – 6 teams played each other (top 4 then 5th & 6th)
    • Doesn’t think people will choose to play in the open
    • Top 4 teams will stay the same and no new teams will come into the league
    • Should be an Upper/Middle/Lower
      • Keep upper & lower away from each other but allow middle teams to play both upper and lower
        • Example of growth of teams with Speakeasy
      • (Chuck) gave example of how the Classic league worked – mix the teams in look into it
      • (Tom G) we’ll look into it.


  • What happens if we can’t get 4 open teams? Then we still can’t play.
  • If they played in league they could spot runs just like tournament ball
  • We understand safety is an issue
  • You have teams like Limeberry/Ted Ferry who are full of young former baseball players who can actually compete but they don’t play tournaments so they aren’t ranked.
    • (Mike) the reason Zak brings that up is because last time was so last minute we’ve now had time to think of ways to get back in the league
  • Council – do people abstained from voting? Do they have to vote if you are on the council?
    • (Tom) it’s a majority vote of people who are present
    • (Chuck) present at the meeting? I was understanding that some people don’t vote
      • (Tom) If there are only 10 of the 13 present those 10 are the only votes
    • (Chuck) last year I was told some people didn’t vote on Tues/Thurs topics. If you are on the council you should have to vote or get kicked off. You aren’t helping if you aren’t voting.
      • (Billy) we are actually correcting that Dustin did choose to abstain from voting on that, he was very adamant he didn’t want to vote.
      • (Zak) that’s all you had to say months ago
      • (Billy) No one asked
    • (Mike) please vote for what you want and what you think is going win
    • (Danny/Mike) when you say safety is an issue, not one of us has ever hurt anyone
    • (Zak) Suggestion for Council
      • Email notes from council to coaches/managers
        • (Tom) why don’t you join the council?
        • (Zak) I don’t have the time or energy or the want to do it
        • (Billy) you were on the council but didn’t come
        • (Zak) I’ve always been a supporter of COSS and want to make suggestions but what happened this season was last minute and unprofessional, people need to apologize. Tom you’ve been out there forever would that chap you if it happened to you?
          • (Tom) we (council) did talk about how last minute the decision was
        • (Zak) we weren’t even allowed to practice
          • (Billy) explain all of it, that wasn’t my decision that was USSSA’s decision
          • (Zak) they have nothing to do with that
          • (Billy) when they are my insurance they do. They told you had to be registered as a USSSA team and if you wanted to play 5on5 you had to have an umpire and you didn’t want to pay. I have to follow what my insurance says. That’s what we told you.
          • (Mike) how do practices work? That seems the same.
          • (Billy) You have to be a registered/rostered team and what you guys wanted do was play games.
          • (Mike) we were just trying to find a way to play.
          • (Billy) I can show you emails with Strojan trying to get you in. I lost league money not having you out here.
          • (Billy) I apologize that you feel this way. It was short notice the way it happened. We gave you options and you didn’t want to do them. The council was following the rules. It’s in the rule book you had the rule book. I told people they would be evaluated. I want you in. Zak you are someone I talk to often. There are only a few other people I talk to more, one is sitting next to you (Chuck). You told me you wanted an open league, I thought that’s what you wanted. I want the league to be successful. We as a city league had the least league loss in the last 7 years than any other league. I want to do what I can to grow the league but it has to fair. When the lower league teams come find out you are coming back they won’t like it.
          • (Chuck) tell them Open league is on Monday top 4 teams start in open and if they don’t like it they can drop into regular league the 2nd half – that’s what they did with Classic
          • (Zak) the top teams from last year that becomes the open. We want to play together as a family. We’ll even help coach, or take a forfeit.


Have you ever thought to go to the colleges during summer and try to get new teams? Give discounts. There has to be give and take it the city and teams. There has to be incentives to bring new teams in.

  • (Billy) that’s why we started the 6 week league
    • (Heather) We did get a whole team from Willamette
    • (Billy) and we had a whole men’s team from Western
  • (Billy) we can’t charge teams different prices for the same league, it’s not fair
  • (Billy) since we added the 6 week league we have had 8 teams join the doubleheaders
    • (Mike) I apologize I didn’t know that
    • (Billy) that’s okay you just wouldn’t – example of Blackwater Tactical. We’ve had to turn team down teams on Tuesdays because we are full
    • (Billy) we are trying different ways to advertise
      • (Mike) I like City of Salem Softball Facebook page but it never comes up on my newsfeed
      • (Billy) we created a new website, we need you to go to Softballcityusa.com to register your email
      • (Heather) he’s talking about Facebook
      • (Mike) I never open my email unless someone tells me to. Everything is on FB or social media. Can you guys get someone to be in charge of posting everything? We will share everything because we want more teams.
      • (Billy) I will check out the rules with Laura who is our city desktop publisher. Maggie got shut down on a bunch of stuff that we were doing. New laws forced us to get a new website so we have to check on stuff. Waiting for our meeting to find out what all we can do to advertise.
        • (Chuck) when it’s on social media people see it. Society has changed we need to change with the times.
        • (Paula) asks the guys: you want transparency, you want to know what they are talking about, are your concerns being addressed. So after council how do people know what happens?
        • (Billy) though the rule book
        • What I am hearing is they feel left out, they don’t hear about anything until last minute. Could this be posted somewhere?
        • (Billy) we could put it up on our website when the minutes are approved. But I need to talk to Laura and see if there is a way we can up it up before so someone like Zak could see it and say hey I want to talk about that and come to council or call before its approved. We used to have that on our old website.
        • (Paula) it sounds like everyone wants to do what they can we are just in that in between
        • (Billy) Yes
        • (Kevin) before I was on council I was passionate about a few rules it took 3 years till the rule I wanted was able to be implemented. I had to show up every time.
          • The problem is only 8 people showed up outside of council when everyone knew – you have to make an effort
          • need better involvement of the community
          • (Danny) we try but people whose teams are in don’t care
          • Council is open to anyone
            • (Zak/Mike) can you announce the meeting dates & minutes through the website/social media
            • (Mike) we have busy lives and don’t have time to make meetings but if we can see it on social media we have an opportunity to comment
              • (Paula) hit hard on social media an we’ll notice
              • (Boone) it’s hard to ask a city run entity to read comments. That takes a lot of time. We can get the info out.
              • (Mike) Someone can go on and respond to comments it doesn’t take long
              • (Boone) to follow the rules of the council you have to be present to present a topic to the council.
              • (Paula) that’s fair
              • (Zak) have a FB page for the managers and leave that to them to share info
              • (Billy) lots of great ideas! While Maggie is gone having a baby my social media person is gone.
              • (Billy) I’ll talk to Laura, I think that there is a way that her posts from the website can be posted to the FB
              • (Zak) I will put in to be on council this year


Re-evaluate age limit for rankings, some of us are old and broken.

  • (Chuck) if they play Thursday night age should have nothing to do with it
    • seniors who are good but can play any level – it doesn’t matter their rank by the rules
  • (Zak) Teams like Ted Ferry who aren’t ranked in USSSA or ASA. What are they ranked?
    • (Billy) they are E
    • (Kevin) we as a city cannot rank them. Any team who dominates will be re-evaluated.
    • (Zak) can you get opinions from other leagues on how to rank unranked people
      • (Tom G) I think you guys have been heard. That’s what we are here for. But we need to move on it’s been an hour.
    • (Scott) Last year it was a lot of black and white on the rules. It’s something we have to start with and then we can look at teams who are dominant and unranked. We don’t want any or you guys to take it personal.
      • (Danny) Please consider having the top teams play open

Brian Evans

Rec level teams need to be re-evaluated.

  • In seniors everyone is pretty even and in coed some teams just dominate
  • (Billy) We’ll look into it
  • (Kevin) to go on the parody we had in seniors, we split up teams and so everyone plays everyone to make the league the way it is.
    • (Tom G) we had to split up to make it run the way it did
    • (Guy) this season was best ever, you didn’t know who was going to win. A lot of us do play together on Traschel tournament
    • (Kevin) we get to play tournaments with each other still
    • (Chuck) we are opposite of that. Us tournament guys don’t play with each other so league is our only chance to play with each other. That’s why we are so passionate about it.
  • Open league for seniors
    • (Billy)I think we need to talk about that in the senior meeting
  • End of league Tournament
    • Fell apart – teams picking up anyone
    • (Billy) it was crazy Heather and I had to change the roster so many times. We will be discussing it this year. We may go to the way Portland has it and say you have to be on the roster by this time.
      • The hard part is when people go on vacations but we still want teams to play
      • Where the tournament lands in the schedule is dependent on the weather
      • We would have to set a deadline date
    • Last call w/ concessions – closing too early
      • (Boone) when they close also has to do sales
      • (Billy) we can talk to them but you guys need to back it up


  • Bunting &Equalizer in Kickball
  • (Billy) we’ll cover that in a kickball meeting

Mike – Shane Soto notes

  • (Billy) Fall Tourney – weather dependent & we have to raise the cost of league
  • (Billy) Unlimited courtesy runners
    • I do want your opinions, we do it in seniors, Heather said as long as the ump and teams agree they do it in coed
    • (Mike) I don’t think it is a big deal – follow the rule
      • (Heather) you have to keep book though to know who is the courtesy runner
      • (Paula) we need to better define what last available is
    • Installment payments for registration
      • (Billy) this is council dependent


  • Umpire quality
    • Come out from behind the plate
  • Flat pitches
  • Wood Bats
    • (Billy) they are legal
    • (Heather) but they have to have the USSSA or ASA stamp
  • Director present shirts/awards at end of the year
    • Feel acknowledged
  • Google docs for forms/minutes – I can help with that


  • We want a family community environment
  • If we break up teams it’s not as much fun for the teams
    • (Billy) that team wasn’t asked to break up they wanted to help make the league more competitive/equal
    • (Billy) apologized for how thing went down and wants to make this work
    • (Zak) thank you and


  • Staff shouldn’t have to deal with people I’ve seen them have to deal with, like that night. There needs to be discipline. If there are out of control they are out.
    • (Billy) Chuck actually called about people on his own team who were down her (Heather) throat one night while she was trying to do what we told her. That is huge to have someone who wants to win stand up against his own team like that. It shows not matter what you act like that you are out.
    • (Billy) we need umpires to get involved with discipline –even if it’s off the field
      • We need the umpires to be consistent and show at meetings
    • (Chuck) language on boom boxes


  • To sum up we want transparency, family, community, integrity and class!


  • (Billy) thanks you for coming
  • Please apply or contact us if you are interested in council

Brain Evans – last minute

  • Can you go over non rostered people in the dugout for the future
  • (Billy/Heather) that is a USSSA rule can’t be changed