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Members Present

Kevin Chandler, Tom Edwards, Jerry Hollingsworth, Guy Kampstra, Rob Scott, Dan Smith, Shaun Smith, Dustin VanElverdinghe

Members Absent

Jennifer Kendall, Lucky Rogers, Mel Clark, Boone Marker

Staff Present

Billy Powers, Heather Bechtel

Call to Order

Jennifer Kendall, Lucky Rogers, Mel Clark and Boone Marker were marked as absent.


Approval of Minutes

Posting minutes to the website and social media were discussed. Billy is working with the Desktop Publisher to get them posted appropriately. Also spoke about the new way people have to opt into the email system. The minutes from November 10, 2015 SPC meeting and League Wrap-Up were approved.

Review Council Applications

Zach Spiegel was approved to join the SPC.

Vote on Committee Positions

This will be postponed to the next meeting, December 16, 2105, as there were not enough members to make a quorum.

Agenda for Future Meetings

December 16, 2015: Voting on Council Members, Pitching Screens, Re-Classifications

January 6, 2015: Thursday Men’s League

January 20, 2015: Women’s League

February 3,2015: Monday Coed League

Talk about Senior’s beginning of February

Kickball League TBA – adding an extra Wednesday night


Went over some league surveys on big screen. Asked council to go over the rest of them on their own and bring up any later that they may have concerns about. Discussed requiring people to put contact information on their survey submission so we are able to follow up on their concerns.