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Members Present

Shaun Smith, Dan Smith, Dustin VanElverdinghe, Tommy Edwards, Guy Kampstra

Members Absent

Lucky Rogers, Jennifer Kendall, Robert Scott, Kevin Chandler, Melanie Humpert, Jerry Hollingsworth

Staff Present

Billy Powers, Lindsey Huston, Maggie Combs

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m.


Guests present: Paula VanBeurden, Carleen Danka, Scott Centanni

Guest Questions

  • Paula, Carleen and Scott showed up to ask some questions to the council in regards to their Sunday night teams being asked to change their roster or move up to a higher league.
  • Most of the questions were rule clarifications and referred to a previous email that was sent by one of the guests to the City, and the City had already responded.
  • The City admitted that the rules regarding how and when the affected teams are notified needed to be fixed and a better system needed to be implemented.

Approve January 18, 2017 Minutes

  • Approved by all members present and electronically by other members, to be posted online.

Kickball Subcommittee/Approve Minutes

  • Approved by all members present and electronically by other members, to be posted online.
  • A reminder email will be sent out to committee members with an agenda for the next meeting on February 15.

Mushball Rules

  • The council looked through the rules that were used for last year’s PFAC Fundraiser Tourney to highlight which ones truly need to be added to our official rule book. The two most important ones we decided on were:
    • No fielding gloves or mitts for males. Females have the choice.
    • Outfielders may not step foot into the infield dirt until the ball is hit.
  • Questions were asked about which ball was going to be used and how well it would hold up to the elements. It was decided that we would test that before we ordered more.

6v6v6 Rules

We discussed all of the basic necessary rules needed for the Coed 6v6v6 League, including:

  • Time limit, games ending in a tie.
  • How teams will rotate defensively and offensively, and where teams will play on defense. A guide for this will be laminated and available in the dugouts.
  • Who will be in which dugout.
  • Wheel Rule, playing short-handed.
  • Batting up to eight players.
  • Mercy Rule.
  • HR Rule (three and progressive).

(Maggie and Lindsey working on writing all of these new rules.)

Mandatory Mask or Screen

Until it is written into a USA or USSSA rule, there is no way for us to get it approved through our insurance/risk management, so as of right now, it is not an option.

Other Topics Tabled for Next Meeting

  • “Middle’s Open.”
  • Profanity rules/enforcement.
  • Flip flop, courtesy runner, and infield fly clarification.
  • Bat testing.

Future Meeting Dates

Remain the same:

February 15, 2017

March 1 and 15, 2017

April 5, 2017 (Manager’s Meeting)


Meeting adjourned at 7:42 p.m.