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Members Present

Kevin Chandler, Tom Gwynn, Jerry Hollingsworth, Guy Kampstra, Robert Scott, Dan Smith, Dustin VanElverdinghe, Tom Edwards

Members Absent

Jennifer Kendall, Mel Clark, Shaun Smith & Lucky Rogers

Staff Present

Billy Powers, Heather Bechtel

Guests Present

Brian Frazier & Bill Vincent

Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 5:52pm.


Council and Staff were introduced as well as guests when they arrived.

Approve Minutes

January 20, 2016 minutes were approved.

Review Friday Team Classifications

  • Co-ed Intermediate – Annette’s placed on watch list
  • Co-ed Recreation – Mega Foods placed on watch list
  • Men’s Recreation –  Blackwater Tactical placed on watch list

Pitching Screen Options

Tabled till next meeting.

Senior Topics – 1-up Run Limit

The following rules were discussed and added and/or edited in our league rules:

  • 53. Pick-up Players
    • 53.1 Teams may start or finish a game with as few as 8 players. Picking up players from another team constitutes a forfeit.
  • 19. Tournaments
    • 19.2 The 1st and 2nd place game and 3rd and 4th place game will be a full 7-innings with no time limit for all leagues.
  • 50. Run Limit
    • 50.1 Senior teams will only be allowed to score 5 runs per inning. If a team is behind they will be allowed to catch up to the lead team.
    • 50.2 The final inning will be “Open” and teams will be allowed unlimited runs. If the 7th inning has not been started when 12 minutes remain in the game the umpire will call for the “Open” inning.
    • 50.3 If no winner is declared by the end of the “Open” inning, the game will end in a tie.
  • 33. Minimum Number of Players
    • 33.3 For rules about adding late players refer to rule 22.

Agreement that we will try 12 minutes for the “Open” inning announcement but if we find that it isn’t enough time or it’s too much time it will be amended during the season.

Review Women’s Meeting

Tabled till next meeting.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.