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Members Present

Robert Scott, Shaun Smith, Dustin VanElverdinghe, Jennifer Kendall, Dan Smith, Tommy Edwards, Guy Kampstra

Members Absent

Kevin Chandler, Tom Gwynn, Jerry Hollingsworth, Melanie Humpert, Lucky Rogers

Staff Present

Billy Powers, Lindsey Huston, Maggie Combs (via Skype)

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:53 p.m.


  • Billy introduces Lindsey as City of Salem full-time staff
  • No guests
  • Volunteer forms needed for all SPC members

Approve October 26, 2016 Minutes

  • One word added to minutes, otherwise aproved and to be posted

Subcommittees (Kickball & Women’s)

  • Need to set a time for kickball subcommittee to meet (plan with James, Zach, & Kevin).
  • Women’s coaches to meet on 1/10.
  • (Rob) We need to allow subcommittees to make their own decisions. For example, if you don’t play kickball, you don’t really have a say in kickball-related discussions. We can ask questions and ask for clarifications, but we need to allow subcommittees to handle their own specific rules.
  • (Billy) If all games were the same, everyone would just play against everyone. That is how they handle it at the National Conference. If YOU aren’t playing, you don’t need to be involved.

Team Classifications

  • USSSA Player Bumps
    • Reviewed document of all USSSA National & State bumps to show council how many of our players are really affected, and it is a significant amount.
    • Rule changes are needed. Do we just change “D” to “C,” or do we change amount of ranked players allowed in each level?
    • Have to make this decision before we can make decisions on individual teams or levels and leagues that are offered, teams need to be given ample time to adjust to changes.
    • Council decided to change “D” to “C” and to make adjustments to the descriptions of our levels of play. (League Rules 26.4. d. i-iv)
    • Maggie to work on rewriting/adjusting rules, will look at changes and approve at next SPC meeting.
  • League Options
    • (Lindsey) After receiving feedback from many players and weighing the pros & cons, we have decided to offer an open 6v6v6 coed league Monday nights in place of the Coed Advanced league. This will hopefully solve some of the problems we’ve had with small numbers at that level and grow the coed league on Monday nights in general.
    • Brief explanation of how 6v6v6 works. We will need to develop our own set of rules for it, as well as mushball, and add them to the rulebook.
    • Women’s coaches will meet next Tuesday (1/10) to discuss ideas for women’s league. Possible rule changes and/or additions needed.
  • Rule Changes Necessary (addressed above)
  • Individual Team Discussion
    • Sunday Coed Intermediate
      • SAW – Need to move up or change roster, based off past record. They were previously warned.
      • Team Selfie – Warning/watch list.
      • Renegades – Need to move up or change roster, based off past record and wins by 6 or more. They were previously warned.
    • Monday Coed Intermediate
      • Hit Squad – Warning/watch list.
    • Monday Coed Advanced (changing to 6v6v6)
    • Tuesday Men’s Intermediate
      • Miken Mob – Need to move up. Shane already knows.
      • Annette’s – Warning/watch list. Talk to Jason.
    • Tuesday Men’s Recreational
      • Pacific Stair – Nothing.
    • Wednesday Seniors (nothing)
    • Wednesday Women’s
      • Alibi/BYB & Inked – Affected by bumps (hopefully fixed with changes to league).
    • Thursday Men’s Advanced
      • CAPS – Watch list. Talk to Taylor. First year team.
    • Friday Men’s Intermediate
      • Blackwater – Need to move up or change roster. Talk to Ben.
    • Friday Coed Intermediate
      • Annette’s – Need to move up or change roster. Talk to Jason.
      • SWAT – Move down to Recreational.
    • Friday Coed Recreational
      • Happy Dugout – Need to move up or change roster. Talk to Ben.

Set Future SPC Meeting Dates

Remain the same as previously decided on:

January 18, 2017

February 1 and 15, 2017

March 1 and 15, 2017

April 5, 2017 (Manager’s Meeting)


Meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.