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Members Present

Kevin Chandler, Tom Gwynn, Jerry Hollingsworth, Guy Kampstra, Jennifer Kendall, Lucky Rogers, Robert Scott, Dan Smith, Dustin VanElverdinghe, Tom Edwards

Members Absent

Shaun Smith & Mel Clark

Staff Present

Billy Powers, Heather Bechtel

Guests Present


Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 5:50pm.


No introductions needed

Approve Minutes

February 17, 2016 minutes were approved.

Housekeeping Billy, Maggie and Heather went over

Informed SPC of edits for rules 2.3, 6.1, 6.2, 26.6 and 32.5.


Discussed and voted upon new rules pertaining to league tournament.

  • Rule 19.2
    • Rosters will be frozen two scheduled weeks before the end of the season.
    • Any exceptions must be approved by the Softball Coordinator or the Softball Specialist.
  • Rule 19.3
    • Every team will be roster checked during the tournament.
      • If in violation the game will be a forfeit.
      • Coaches/managers will be given an updated roster with eligible players prior to their first game played that night.

Women’s Walk in Coed

Discussed the possibility of changing the current league women’ walk rule to mirror ASA Rule 8.1. Council decided to table the topic until a later date.

Pitching Screen

Discussed the possibility of using pitching screens for every league game. Others suggested testing it in the lower rec levels. Upon discussion decided that testing may cause issues if there was an injury after taking the nets away when players decided they didn’t like them. The council decided to table this topic until a later date.

Concerning use of pitching screens in league Dan Smith questioned why the pitching screen cannot be moved dependent on the hitter hitting left or right handed. After review of current league rules, ASA rules and USSSA rules, the council surmised there was no rule saying that the net couldn’t be moved. The council presented and edit to the current Rule 49.1 about net placement and a new Rule 49.3 about delivery.

  • Rule 49.1 Pitching Rule addition
    • Screen has to cover at least half of the pitching rubber.
    • The pitching screen must remain in the same place through the half inning.
  • Rule 49.3 Unfairly Delivered Pitch
    • Pitch cannot be delivered over the pitching screen.

Clarify language Rule 36.4

Dustin wanted to clarify the language of Rule 36.4 as it did not explain the criteria for re-classifying teams/players well enough. The following edits were made to the current Rule 36.1 and Rules 36.2, 36.3 and 36.4 were edited to be included into 36.1.

  • Rule 36.1
    • At Mid-Season & End-of-Season, City of Salem staff & members of the Softball Players Council will reexamine the classification of all teams.  Teams will be evaluated as a team and/or individuals to possibly be moved up or down leagues, which can include being moved to a different night or being split into two or more teams.  Teams will be examined that meet one or more of the following.
      1. Teams with a winning percentage of .750 or higher in which the majority of those wins are by 6 runs or more.
      2. Teams with a winning percentage of .250 or less in which the majority of those losses are by 6 runs or more.
      3. Teams past seasons records will be examined.
      4. Teams past seasons rosters will be examined.

Music in the dugout

Discussed idea of not allowing boom boxes in the dugout as many teams do not edit out profanity and it becomes so loud people cannot hear in the field which can cause accidents. After discussion the council decided to retain team’s ability to listen to music in the dugout but if staff or umpires hear profanity they will be warned and/or ejected according to current league rules on profanity.

Umpire Feedback/Surveys

Billy informed the council that we will now have sign in the dugouts with scan codes on them that players can use to fill out Umpire feedback on their phone.

Women’s Equalizer

The topic of moving the women’s equalizer to spotting runs, from a previous meeting, was tabled until another time.

USSSA Roster Age Limit

Billy informed the council that USSSA told us that as a league because our players and parents sign waivers for the minors to play, we can keep our age limitation at 15 years old to be on the roster.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.