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Members Present

Melanie Humpert, Tom Gwynn, Tom Edwards, Dan Smith, Lucky Rogers, Kevin Chandler, Robert Scott

Members Absent

Jerry Hollingsworth, Guy Kampstra, Jennifer Kendall, Shaun Smith, Dustin VanElverdinghe

Staff Present

Billy Powers, Lindsey Huston

Call to Order

New Council Member Application Received (Zachary Kerns)

He only wants to be involved with kickball. Need to verify with him what he wants to commit to. Know he wants better equipment (balls), rules clarified, and to grow interest and competitiveness within the league.

Kickball Sub-Committee

  • Definite need for a separate committee to discuss only kickball and report back to the Players Council.
  • Have other people who are also interested (James Suing) but they definitely don’t want to sit through all of the softball talk.
  • (Billy) They can meet several times throughout the year and report to council afterwards. Need to clarify bunt rules with the possibility of adding lines, or an out for men/strike for women.
  • Will discuss with Zachary and James. More to come.

Council Books

  • All present council members received books containing standings and rosters of teams that need to be reviewed for re-classificaiton. A quick preliminary discussion of certain teams:
    • Miken Mob needs to move up.
    • Monday night has 3 distinct levels of play – how do we handle that?
    • Single game league saw huge growth, etc…
  • New USSSA classifications will affect this and need to be discussed in more depth. Possible change to the rule books necessary.

Order of Open Meeting

  • Introductions, 2017 leagues, rules of communication (players are given 3 minutes to speak on their topic(s) followed by questions/comments/discussion), open speakers, adjourn.
  • Assuming the USSSA bumps will be brought up. We are aware and are going to discuss and come up with a solution.

Set Future SPC Meeting Dates

Wednesdays still works for everyone, 5:45 p.m.

November 30, 2016

December 14, 2016

January 4 and 18, 2017

February 1 and 15, 2017

March 1 and 15, 2017

Big Manager’s Meeting: April 5, 2017


  • Preliminary discussions on topics for future meetings, including:
    • Team re-classification
    • Separate kickball sub-committee
    • SPC members’ behavior at fields
    • End of season survey results
    • Umpire feedback
    • Growth of single-game leagues
    • Varied levels of play on Monday nights
    • USSSA bump lists and how they affect our current rules
  • Committee behavior at fields needs to be addressed
    • “I wrote the rules” and/or overruling of umpires
  • End-of-season surveys still open. Have seen a lot of umpire feedback so far. Will bring results to next meeting.
  • (Billy) Monday night is going to need to be looked at. There are a definite three levels of play.
  • (Lindsey) Is open even still an option, or necessary? Good n’ Plenty probably won’t be back as the same unit. Possibly 5v5v5 on nights where there are issues like this. Even women’s.


Meeting adjourned for Open Season Wrap-Up Meeting