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Members Present

Robert Scott, Tom Gwynn, Dustin VanElverdinghe, Jerry Hollingsworth, Dan Smith, Tommy Edwards, Guy Kampstra

Members Absent

Shaun Smith, Melanie Humpert, Jennifer Kendall, Lucky Rogers, Troy Adevai

Staff Present

Billy Powers, Lindsey Huston, Maggie Combs (via Skype)

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:59 p.m.


-None needed. One guest present, Heather Bechtel.

Recap of Last Meeting

  • Quick discussion and recap of last meeting’s minutes. Dan Smith motioned to approve. Tommy Edwards seconded.
    All in favor.

Council Member Positions/Contact Info

  • Passed around an old contact sheet for everyone to look over and verify.
  • All current members in a position were asked if they are wanting to stay in position. Rob, Dan & Dustin are happy remain in their current roles.
  • Non-present members will be asked this VIA email
  • No other members expressed interest in a position

2018 League Line-Up

    (Billy) One of our most popular nights, have to really keep it at 10 teams max because of tournament schedules, it is difficult to start any earlier and we refuse to be the type of complex that kicks tournament rentals off the field.
  • MONDAY- This night is going to require more discussion and there is possibly a need to get a coed meeting together before the holidays to at least figure this out.
    – We have a definite three levels of play on Monday night: Rec (Singles), Rec/Int (DH), and Int/Adv/Open (DH).
    – 6v6v6 wasn’t what the players had hoped it would be, but we really need to find a way to let everyone play without forcing those middle of the road teams to play up.
    – (Billy) We are losing long time teams that are in the middle of the road when it comes to playing ability.
    – Lindsey agreed to reach out to Monday teams from both fall and spring/summer to get a pulse on what people want and what they are planning to do.
    – (Lindsey) If there is not enough Rec/Int double header teams is it possible to allow them to play two rounds within the single header league?
    – (Maggie) Not impossible, would need to be manually scheduled and would need the correct amount of teams.
    – The meeting on 12/13 will be half dedicated to follow up from the senior’s meeting and the other half to coed.
    – Remain at 20 teams (no room for more)
    – Discussed moving to three divisions next year (Had been previously discussed in last meeting)
    – Rec, Int, & Int+ (Keeping middle level at Intermediate will not alter the roster rules)
  • WEDNESDAY- Seniors will be a whole separate meeting to discuss as well as women’s
    – Seniors will be discussed thoroughly again in the next two meetings, but there are two main issues that need to be sorted out.
    1. The large discrepancy of talent in the league and trying to find a way to let all teams play and not lose any.
    2. The open inning rule and how it affects the game.
    – Lindsey will be reaching out to members of the council who play seniors in order to get their ideas and opinions documented and be able to have an agenda to follow on it.
    – Tommy reiterated that we need to get something in writing from these players in order to be able to document ideas and standpoints from people.
    – Women’s will not start until June again so we have more time to figure it out, but we need to promote the league more and hopefully get the super draft idea going again.
    – Stay the same, opening it up to 8 men’s advanced to start and 14 kickball. If we don’t get 8 advanced we can allow more kickball teams.
    – Possibility of doing a straight 16-week season instead of two 8s where teams could either sign up for one half of the season at a time or pay for it all at once.
    – Another idea would be to change Friday men’s to a rec league instead of an intermediate which really wouldn’t affect too many players/rosters and would more accurately describe the level of play.
    – Coed really just needs more teams to be able to separate the divisions again.

Guest Topics

    – Most players like the open inning but think we should shorten it to start with 10 or 8 minutes left in the game.
    – A big part of that being effective is the umpires being consistent in when the open inning starts and not allowing people to stall.
    – Other ideas discussed: Visiting team starts with a ½ run advantage? What do other leagues do? SSUSA Rules?
    – More to come on this topic after our next couple meetings.
  • UMPIRES & Pace of the Game
    – Everyone was in agreement that our umpires need to do a better job of holding teams accountable to the 70 second rule and keeping the pace of play up. Specifically for the higher level teams. If that means calling balls when the defense isn’t ready or strikes if there is no batter then do it.
    – Clarification on our rules were made that the next inning starts as soon as the last out is recorded in the inning prior.
    – 6:20 games should not be started early unless both teams agree to it, and a discussion was had about having an official clock at the park. Perhaps blow an air horn at 6:15 and again at 6:20?
  • Heather Bechtel- guest
    – Heather wanted to bring up the idea of adding the commitment line in women’s, last year there was a big issue with some of the newer and less advanced women always catching and not getting out of the way and there were some near collisions that could be avoided with this rule.
    – This brought up the idea of using a screen for women’s again, something to discuss more at a later date.
  • New Registration Process
    – Discussed briefly the new online registration process we will be moving to this spring. Coaches will be able to register their teams online and in the office. More details will come on this soon.
  •  New Location
    – Our program which has been part of the Recreation Services department is being transitioned into the Parks and Recreation Services division. Eventually that means our physical office will join the parks office in building 14 over off of Mission St. We do not have an official date for that move at this time.



Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.