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Members Present

Shaun Smith, Dan Smith, Dustin VanElverdinghe, Tommy Edwards, Guy Kampstra

Members Absent

Shaun Smith, Melanie Humpert, Jennifer Kendall, Dan Smith, Tommy Edwards, Guy Kampstra

Staff Present

Billy Powers, Lindsey Huston, Maggie Combs

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 6:04 p.m.


Billy reiterated that this year we need to be efficient and productive while being respectful of each other and make sure our meetings don’t go super long every time.

Troy Adevai application

  • All present were in agreement that he would bring a different yet experienced opinion to the council and are in favor of him joining. All were in agreement that we need to make sure we review the SPC agreement and expectations prior to bringing on any new members in the future.
  • We did not have enough members to have a quorum so we will need to hear a yes from at least one more council member in order to make it official (will be sent out via email)

Future Meeting Dates

  • November 8th (OPEN TO ALL)
  • November 29th (Seniors)
  • December 13th (Seniors Follow up)
  • January 10th (Men’s)
  • January 24th (Coed)
  • February 7th (Kickball)
  • February 21st (Women’s)
  • Meeting in March as needed
  • Tentative Manager’s mtg April 4th 

Team Classifications

  •  Sunday Coed Intermediate
    -Sugarless Guns warning/watch list
    -Team Selfie warning/watch list
    -Downtown Barbershop warning/watch list
  • Monday Coed Rec
    -Hit Squad warning/watch list
  • Tuesday Men’s
    • Possibility of creating three levels on Tuesday nights
    • High & Tight and Scared Hitless warning/watch list (Good options for that middle league)
    • Sloppy Joe’s warning/watch list
  • Wednesday Seniors Had a long discussion about what we are going to do with this league but only had one senior player in the room and thought it would be better to wait for more. We scheduled the senior meeting early on purpose so we can get it handled as quickly as possible.
    • Cornerstone & Dallwig Bros warning/watch list
  • Wednesday Women’s
    -Alibi/BYB Most of this group will be playing in Albany next year so it shouldn’t be a problem
  • Thursday Men’s Advanced
    -Trachsel Auto & Alibi Brotherhood warning/watch list
    -Nowhere to push them but just sending letters for consistency
    -Need to push to grow that league
  • Friday Men’s Intermediate
    -Diamond Jaxx warning/watch list- Possible move to Tuesday
  • Friday Coed Intermediate
    -Sandlot Crew & Check Raise

Other Miscellaneous

Discussed changing how we reschedule rainouts for leagues that always play at the same time (Ex: Sunday & Thursday)


Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.