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Members Present

Jennifer Kendall, Rob Scott, Melanie Humpert, Sandy Ambrose, Danielle Wetzel, Sopheap Saong, Monica Johnson

Staff Present

Lindsey Huston, Heather Bechtel, Maggie Combs (via Skype)

Lindsey Pitches Superdraft Idea to Group

  • “A League of Their Own” themed – named after teams from actual league.
  • Sponsored to bring costs down – willing to use Alibi/BYB/Combat’s sponsorship money to go towards it and get Alibi to sponsor even more.
  • Hopefully get help from other businesses: Elite (T-shirts for every team), Aries, etc…
  • Coaches draft party at Alibi
  • Draft by position, pitchers first.
  • Allow every player one “draft buddy” to ensure they know at least one person on their team.
  • Questions: What about pick up/part time players? What about adds/drops?

Concerns from Group

  • Established teams won’t want to split up.
  • Lots of newer and/or inexperienced players will be intimidated.
  • Concern of commitment levels – what if people don’t show?
  • Can we draft out just Alibi?

Other Ideas

  • Try to introduce the superdraft idea throughout this year.
    • Pre/mid/post season
    • During season on nights when women play early offer it as an 8:40 round
    • Possibly a mini fall league?
  • Need to do more bonding/mixer events & skill-building activities; have a “draft party” at a pizza place where everyone can go.
  • End of season wrap-up party to discuss pros & cons.
  • Coaches go out and talk to coed women and make sure they know about Women’s League.
  • We need to set up a fee for superdraft like 1 night, 2 nights, 3 nights, etc… Start it after Seniors are done, 4th week-ish and the last week of the season. We also need a fee for one pitch league.
  • Free Agent List: We should reach out to these women and try and get a new team or two.
    • These three said they would coach:
      • Kristin Brewton
      • Katherine Archuleta
      • Jentry Saffert
    • 25-30 women on free agent list last year. Six players listed Women’s only, too.

CONCLUSION: Keep things the same and try to do some add-ons.