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Over the winter, the Softball Players’ Council made some changes and added a couple of new rules. Here are the highlights of the changes. Please make sure all players on your team know the whole rule book.

General League Rules

Any form of identification must be government-issued, photo ID.

Softball Rules

Rule 19. Tournaments


During the end-of-season tournament, the home team and the visiting team will be decided by a double coin flip.


The game for first and second place and the game for third and fourth place will be a full seven innings with no time limit for all leagues.


Rosters will be frozen two scheduled weeks before the end of the season. Any exceptions must be approved by the Softball Coordinator or the Softball Specialist.


Every Team will be roster checked during the tournament.

a. If in violation, the game will be a forfeit.

b. Coaches/managers will be given an updated roster with eligible players prior to their first game that night.

Rule 20. Uniforms


Uniforms are not required for league play and are optional for all divisions. Uniforms need to be family-friendly; the City reserves the right to require a change or modification at any time.

Rule 26. Eligibility


f. For Women’s teams, no more than four female players of tournament D level or higher may play on a City of Salem softball league team that is below the classification of Intermediate. Exceptions: Team (coach or player) may petition the City to exempt a player of tournament D level or higher from this rule. Exemption requests must be submitted in writing and approved by the Softball Coordinator or Softball Specialist two days prior the the player being allowed to play in a game of lower classification level.


A City of Salem representative may check rosters and government-issued photo ID at any time, for any reason, for any league. If a player fails to provide proper ID, the player cannot return to play until proper ID is provided. If a player fails to provide proper ID on any subsequent games in the season with that team, they will not be allowed to play the remainder of games that night and are suspended for one week of play with that team.

Rule 36. Team Reclassification


At mid-season and end-of-season, City of Salem staff and members of the Softball Players’ Council will re-examine the classification of all teams. Teams will be evaluated as a team and/or individuals to possibly be moved up or down leagues, which can include being moved to a different night or being split into two or more teams. Teams will be examined that meet one or more of the following:

a. Teams with a winning percentage of .750 or higher, in which the majority of those wins are by 6 runs or more.

b. Teams with a winning percentage of .250 or less, in which the majority of those losses are by 6 runs or more.

c. Teams’ past seasons’ records will be examined.

d. Teams’ past seasons’ rosters will be examined.

Senior Rules

Rule 49. Pitching Rule (Replaces Halo Rule)


A pitching screen will be placed 3 feet in front of the pitching rubber, and has to cover at least half of the pitching rubber. If the batted ball hits the screen for the first time in an at bat, it becomes a foul ball. If the ball hits the screen a second time, it is a dead ball out. If the ball “must be fair” and hits the screen, it is a dead ball out.

a. The pitching screen must remain in the same place through the half inning.


If a pitcher is not behind the screen, and gets hit, it is a live ball. An out is determined only when the ball hits the screen.


Pitch cannot be delivered over the pitching screen.

Rule 50. Run Limit


Senior teams will only be allowed to score 5 runs per inning. If a team is behind, they will be allowed to catch up to the lead team.


The final inning will be “open,” and teams will be allowed unlimited runs. If the 7th inning has not been started when 12 minutes remain in the game, the umpire will call for the “open” inning.


If no winner is declared by the end of the “open” inning, the game will end in a tie.


If the home team is down by 10 or more at the beginning of the “open” inning the team will flip-flop.

Women’s Rules

Rule 53. Borrowed Players


If a team has less than 10 players, they may borrow a rostered player from another Women’s team without constituting a forfeit.

Kickball Rules

Rule 59. Equalizer


At the top of the inning, any team that is trailing by 5 runs may start with a runner on second base and/or an extra infielder.


Once the trailing team reaches a deficit of four or less, the players are removed.

Rule 61. Kicking


No bunting is allowed. If bunting occurs, it constitutes an out.

Rule 65. Playing Rules


A team can kick their roster, and any 10 players can play the field, as long as there is an equal number of males and females. Exception: 8v8 League; any 8 of those players may field as long as there is an equal number of males and females.


A team may play with a minimum of 8 players to avoid a forfeit; refer to the wheel rule if uneven numbers of male and female players. Exception: 8v8 League; a team may play with a minimum of 7 players to avoid a forfeit, refer to the wheel rule if uneven numbers of male and female players.