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All of our adult softball league programs are non-competitive recreation leagues, and any bat used in league games at Wallace Marine Park must meet requirements set forth in the current league rules. All bats will be compression tested and inspected for wear and alteration before they are approved for use in our recreation leagues.

Softball bats hanging on chainlink fence

Which Bat Can I Use?

Players may use bats and other equipment approved by one of our sanctioning bodies:

In general, this means that players may not use modified bats nor bats that do not meet certain compression thresholds. Look for permanent certification marks on approved bat models from licensed equipment manufacturers. Be sure to check your bat against current non-approved, withdrawn, and non-compliant bat lists.

Players may use either USSSA licensed equipment or certified ASA equipment. For the 2018 league season, the USSSA Executive State Director and the City of Salem Softball Coordinator have approved pre-2013 USSSA sanctioned bats.