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41. General Coed Rules

  1. When a male batter receives a base on balls or an international walk, he will be awarded first and second base with the next female batter having the option to walk or bat.
    Note: If the next female batter chooses to walk, it is not considered an international walk for the purpose of making an appeal.
  2. There is not a restriction of where males and females are put on defense.
  3. There is no creep line.
  4. There is no over-play rule in effect.
  5. Teams may bat 8 to 14 players.
  6. If teams start with at least 8 players, then no outs will be taken.
  7. A 12-inch ball will be used when males hit and an 11-inch ball when females hit. If the wrong ball is used, the batting team has the option to take the result of the play or to bat again resuming the ball and strike count prior to the pitch resulting in the play.

42. Wheel Rule

  1. Teams may start a 6:20 p.m. game with a minimum of 7 players. When it is time for a female batter, and a team is shorthanded for women, the females must rotate between the male batters instead of taking an out.
  2. Women must bat in order that they are listed in the lineup.
  3. If it is a female batter’s turn and that female is on base in order to maintain the batting order, another female must become the courtesy runner. (If a female is unavailable, then a male may become the courtesy runner, and he must be the last out made.)
  4. When using an odd number of players, a team may only have one more male than female but may have as many females as desired, up to 14 batters. Exception 6:20 p.m. game a minimum of 3 women and 5 men. Examples:
    a. Four females and 5 males.
    b. Five females and 6 males.
    c. Six females and 7 males.
    d. Seven males and 5 females are not acceptable. (Men are not allowed to use the wheel.) Taking an out for back-to-back men is not an option, either.

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