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  1. Code of Conduct
    1. League and tournament play at the Wallace Marine Park Softball Complex and satellite ballfields operates under a Code of Conduct. All participants, coaches, managers, and spectators are expected to abide by this Code of Conduct while at Wallace Marine Park Softball Complex or any event sponsored by the City of Salem. Unsportsmanlike conduct, violence, threat of violence, and profanity will not be tolerated.
    2. Respect the rules of the game and how it should be played.
    3. Respect opponents by remembering a worthy opponent brings out the best in a player.
    4. Respect the game officials even when calls are not agreed with.
    5. Respect teammates and remember commitment on and off the playing field.
    6. Respect the tradition of the game and remember it is a privilege to participate.
    7. Be mindful of personal conduct. Make sure no action occurs that could reflect adversely on sponsors or teams. Remember, inappropriate action of even one player can reflect upon the entire team and the games of softball and kickball.
  2. Add/Drop
    1. Any additional players must be added to roster throughout the season pursuant to add/drop rules. Team rosters may not exceed 20 players at any time.
    2. If the player is not currently on the team roster, there will be a $5 fee to add/drop the player after the roster deadline date. Players may not be on two rosters on the same night.
      Exception: See Rule 26 Eligibility.
    3. A player is considered to be on a team’s roster if player information is completely filled out. Each player’s signature is required on the Official Team Roster, and government-issued photo ID must be provided by the first night a player participates in a game. An add/drop fee shall not be assessed on a player when they sign the waiver form as long as their information was filled in before the roster deadline date.
    4. If a team adds a player from the same league night or a non-rostered player, then the game is considered a league forfeit.
      Exception: Women’s League refer to Rule 53 Borrowed Players.
  3. Age Minimums
    1. Players must be at least 15 years of age or older to play in the adult league program.
    2. Players ages 15 through 17 must have a parent/guardian release and a parent/guardian signature on the roster/waiver form to be eligible.
  4. Alcohol
    1. The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in City of Salem parks, streets, public open spaces, designated sports fields, and recreational buildings.
      Exception: An authorized concessionaire may be permitted to distribute alcoholic beverages by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (limited to 14 percent or less of alcohol by volume) at the Wallace Marine Park Softball Complex.
    2. Beer, wine, and wine coolers, limited to 14 percent or less of alcohol by volume, may be purchased at the Wallace Marine Park Softball Complex concession stand.
    3. Players shall not take alcoholic beverages onto the field. Team members who are observed consuming alcoholic beverages on the field will face disciplinary action. In addition, the team may face further discipline.
  5. Cleats
    1. Metal cleats are prohibited inside the Wallace Marine Park Softball Complex.
      Exception: ASA Girls 14U through Women’s, Men’s Fast Pitch, and high school and college teams.
  6. Coach / Team Representative Responsibilities
    1. Roster forms must be current at all times. This includes full name, age, phone number, street address and/or PO box, city, state, ZIP code, and t-shirt size for each player, coach, manager, or team representative.
    2. Ensure that all players, coaches, managers, and team representatives have read and signed the Liability Waiver and Roster Form, and shown government-issued photo ID prior to playing. Players, coaches, managers, and team representatives who have not signed the waiver form or shown proper ID may not participate in City of Salem programs.
    3. Make payment of all associated team fees by posted deadlines. Teams who have not met fee requirements will not be allowed to play until such time all fees are paid.
    4. Immediately notify Softball Coordinator/Specialist of any coaching and/or team representative changes, including new contact information.
    5. Maintain control of team/players during a dispute. Team coaches and/or designated team representatives are ultimately responsible for personal and team member actions.
    6. Coaches are the only team member that may communicate with the umpire during or after a dispute.
    7. On game nights, coaches must be prepared to meet with the assigned umpire and opposing team’s coach at home plate to discuss game rules, variations, and/or disputes.
    8. Ensure that all equipment used by team/players is approved equipment by the league/tournament sanctioning body.
    9. Clean out the dugout after each game.
  7. Disciplinary Appeal Process
    1. Individuals may appeal a disciplinary action. Appeals shall be directed to the Softball Players’ Council. The individual must submit the appeal in writing to the Softball Coordinator or Softball Specialist, City of Salem Public Works Department, 555 Liberty Street SE, Room 325, Salem, Oregon, 97301-3513, within three business days from the date of the violation.
    2. Appeals will be addressed by the appropriate City of Salem staff and/or the Softball Players’ Council.
    3. All suspensions will begin at the time of ejection regardless of when the appeal meeting takes place.
    4. If the City of Salem staff feels the appeal is warranted, a disciplinary action hearing will be held within five business days.
    5. If the appeal date is missed, then the disciplinary action will stand.
    6. The decision of the hearing and/or appeal will be made and communicated within 24 hours. Player will be notified by phone call, certified letter, and notification of team coach.
    7. Should a suspended player play a game prior to the appeals hearing, the appeal is automatically denied, and the team they are playing for will forfeit all games played with the suspended player. A team that knowingly allows a suspended player to play will be subject to Rule 9.2.c Ejections/Suspensions.
  8. Dropping Players From Lineup
    1. If a player leaves for any reason and there is no substitute, an out will be taken for that spot in the lineup. If a player is injured and leaves the game, that player’s spot will not be considered an out. The injured player is not allowed to come back into the game.
  9. Ejections/Suspensions
    1. A player, manager, coach, or spectator ejected from a game will be subject to the following penalties:
      1. First Ejection
        One-game suspension from the complex and from the next scheduled league game with that team. Probation for the remainder of the season.
      2. Second Ejection
        A 30-day suspension from the complex, from all league play with that team and any other team for which they are rostered, and from any tournament play scheduled within that 30-day period. Probation for the remainder of the season.
      3. Third Ejection
        Banned from the complex, the league, and tournament play for one calendar year.
      4. Game Removal
        At the discretion of the game umpire, a player may be removed from the game for minor infractions.
    2. Teams will be subject to the following penalties:
      1. Any team with 3 or more players ejected from a single game will automatically forfeit the game, and play will be discontinued.
      2. Any team that forfeits more than two games because of disciplinary action will be suspended from the complex and from league play for the remainder of the season.
      3. Any team that knowingly allows a suspended player to participate with the team during a game will be suspended from the complex for the remainder of the season.
    3. Any player(s) involved in any aggressive physical attack will be automatically suspended for a minimum of one year from the date of the infraction. The participant will have the option to appeal to the Softball Players’ Council following the appeal process outlined in Rule 7 Disciplinary Appeal Process.
    4. Refunds shall not be considered or granted to any player or team who is suspended and/or ejected from play or from the complex.
  10. Forfeits
    1. One or both games missed in one night’s play constitutes a forfeit.
    2. If a coach knows his/her team is going to forfeit, they must notify City of Salem a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled game time to avoid a forfeit fee. Teams must notify City of Salem of an anticipated forfeit, even if it is past the 24-hour deadline, so that the opposing team and the umpire may be notified.
    3. In the event 14 players remain between the two teams, the umpire will work a forfeited game with a maximum 55-minute time limit. There will be no exceptions to this time limit rule.
    4. Nonappearance Forfeit Penalties
      1. First Offense
        $25 fine, defined as a warning, and next offense will be probation. This fine will be paid prior to the next scheduled game.
      2. Second Offense
        $50 fine, and team on probation for the remainder of the year.
      3. Third Offense
        Ejection from league for the reminder of the year. No refund will be given for remaining games.
  11. Game Times
    1. Game times will start at 6:20 p.m., 7:30 p.m., 8:40 p.m., and 9:50 p.m. Once a game is over, players should move quickly on and off the field to ensure the following games may start on time.
  12. Home/Visiting Team Designation
    1. Home and visiting team designations will be identified on league schedules posted by the City of Salem.
  13. Profanity
    1. The Wallace Marine Park Softball Complex will, at all times, offer a family atmosphere; therefore, profanity is considered unsportsmanlike behavior and is unacceptable.
    2. The first time profanity is used, a verbal warning or ejection will be issued.
    3. The second time profanity is used, the next at bat/kick will be given an out. If unsportsmanlike behavior continues, the player will be ejected. Should the coach not gain control of his/her team and profanity continues, the team will forfeit the game.
    4. Excessive profanity, abuse, or unsportsmanlike behavior could result in a player, coach, or spectator being asked to leave on their first offence. See Rule 1 Code of Conduct.
    5. Enforcement of this section of rules and regulations is the responsibility of City staff and/or the on-duty umpires.
    6. Any use of profanity will result in an automatic out for the next batter. Unless batter/kicker is still at bat/kick, then the current batter/kicker is called out.
    7. Any use of the ‘f’ word will result in an immediate ejection. Quiet use will result in a bench sit down for the remainder of the game; however, the player will be eligible to play the next game. Loud use of the ‘f’ word will result in an immediate ejection; the ability to play in the next game will be up to the umpire’s discretion.
  14. Protests and Umpires
    1. Coaches and managers have the right to question an umpire’s call.
    2. Coaches and managers may only protest the umpire’s interpretation of playing rules or player eligibility.
    3. Judgment calls such as safe/out, fair/foul, or calling a game due to rain, may not be protested. Once the umpire renders a ruling, that ruling will stand.
    4. Should a player, coach, or manager choose to protest a call, the protest must be made to the umpire immediately and prior to the next pitch. Once the next pitch occurs that specific protest cannot be launched.
  15. Rain Outs
    1. Rain out games will be determined by 4 p.m. on weekdays. Call the Rain Out phone number 503-362-1396 or check the website at www.softballcityusa.com or www.teamsideline.com/salem.
    2. Coaches and team representatives are responsible for informing all players of this procedure.
  16. Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk
    1. Participants must show government-issued photo ID when they sign the release of liability and assumption of risk prior to playing their first game. Parents/guardians must sign for minors.
      1. The City of Salem does not provide medical or accidental insurance coverage. The parent/guardian/participant is responsible.
      2. Participants shall acknowledge the inherent risks associated with recreational activities, and in consideration for being permitted to participate in the activity, the parent/guardian/participant shall voluntarily release, absolve, indemnify, and hold harmless the City of Salem from any liability, negligence, and expense in any way resulting from their (or their minor child’s) participation in this activity. The parent/guardian/participant additionally agrees that the City may use and reproduce a participant’s likeness for City marketing purposes
  17. Roster Protests
    1. A team’s roster must be protested prior to the first pitch of the third inning. Once the third inning has started, a protest may not be initiated.
      Exception: Should a team add a player during the course of the game, a protest may be made at the time of the addition.
  18. Safety
    1. Field gates must be shut before the first pitch of each inning.
    2. Only 1 third-base and 1 first-base coach may be used.
    3. Two on-deck batters are allowed outside the gate between the base coach and home plate.
  19. Tournament
    1. During an end-of season tournament, the home team and the visiting team will be decided by a double coin flip.
    2. The game for first and second place and the game for third and fourth place will be a full seven innings with no time limit for all leagues.
    3. Should an end-of-season tournament be scheduled, rosters will be frozen at the end of the night, 3 scheduled weeks before the tournament. Any exceptions must be approved by the Softball Coordinator or the Softball Specialist.
    4. Every team will be roster checked during the tournament.
      1. If in violation, the game will be a forfeit.
      2. Coaches/Managers will be given an updated roster with eligible players prior to their first game that night.
  20. Uniforms
    1. Uniforms are not required for league play and are optional for all divisions. Uniforms need to be family-friendly; the City reserves the right to require a change or modification at any time.
  21. Unsportsmanlike Conduct
    1. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Any abusive or inappropriate conduct (physical or verbal) will not be tolerated in the City of Salem program. Abusive or inappropriate conduct directed towards spectators, umpires, opposing players, league officials, or City of Salem staff before, during, or after games may result in the suspension of the offending player(s).

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