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53. Borrowed Players

  1. If a team has less than 10 players, they may borrow a rostered player from another Women’s team without constituting a forfeit.

 54. Handicap

  1. When in the field, the lower-level team has the option of fielding an 11th player in a roving position.
  2. At the beginning of each inning, the lower-level team will have a runner start on second base. The runner should be the last at bat from the previous inning (whoever hit last, not the last out) or the bottom of the order if it is the lower-level teams’ first at bat. If that person needs a courtesy runner, it will be the second-to-last batter in the lineup.
  3. The lower-level team will not be limited to the 5-run-per-inning rule, and the upper-level team will have a 5-run-per-inning limit in place, except for the last inning.

55. Male Pitcher

  1. A women’s team may utilize a male pitcher, if their team does not have an established female pitcher. If the non-established female pitcher is struggling, the team can replace her with a male pitcher. If a female pitcher is hurt, the team can replace her with a male pitcher. A male pitcher is not to be used to field a full team. Established pitchers list will be made by the team captains and City of Salem.
  2. The team must declare that they are using a male pitcher and who the male pitcher is during plate talk with the umpire.
  3. A team is only allowed one male pitcher during the game and may not substitute another male pitcher at any time after he has made the first pitch.
  4. The male pitcher may not be part of the batting order.
    a. The male pitcher cannot over-play a female player. That is, he cannot make a play at the home plate when the catcher is there; the first baseman should back up the catcher when needed. The male pitcher can only cover first base, if the first baseman is making a play on the ball. The pitcher may protect himself and make plays if the ball is hit within the halo zone.

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